Thu, August 29, 2019
18:30 - 20:30 h
ZOLLHOF Tech Incubator
public event

Know-How Event #08

Help, I’m being followed by all those ads!

Retargeting properly aka why is this ad following me the whole time?

Even weeks after your purchase, do you keep seeing that hoodie online? 

That’s not the way how it should work! As a user, you get annoyed and lose that little remaining trust in online ads. As a marketer, you don’t generate sales optimally and in worse case, you even ruin the brand of your company.

Join us and learn about the different ways of retargeting and how it should be made properly! 

We will cover different topics, like e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and some Google channels.

With more than 7 y experience in marketing, our speaker Rita Katona has been involved in more than 15 startup projects as founder, marketer or freelancer. She is an expert in the field of early-stage growth & performance marketing. Currently she is the Head of Marketing at the ZOLLHOF-Tech Incubator.