Event Space

People seated in the ZOLLHOF event space
Buffet with people in the ZOLLHOF event space

Key facts

Included equipment

1x stage (3.60m x 2.40m)
1x silver screen, projector and pointer
2x microphones
1x throwable microphone
1x Apple TV
75x chairs (more available)
10x movable workshop tables
15x stand-up table
3x tables in the catering area
6x pin boards
4x combined board: flipchart / whiteboard
1x table soccer

Optionally available

project materials
(post-its, static foil, etc.)


Standard pricing (event space)

800€ per day (8 hours)
500€ per half day (4 hours)

Standard pricing (workshop room)

250€ per day

Please note that the workshop room can only be rented per day. (Half day is not possible.)

Drinks (optionally available)

2€/person/half day (water & coffee)
5€/person/half day (lemonades, water & coffee)
4€/person/day (water & coffee)
9€/person/day (lemonades, water & coffee)

Project materials (per event)

15€ presentation paper
15€ post-its
30€ self-adhesive flip chart foil (25 sheets)
25€/day presentation case (5€/additional day)

All prices exclude VAT.

The usage of the ZOLLHOF logo and / or name in combination with your event (e.g. for promotion) is only allowed after prior permission.
Also the permission of the ZOLLHOF Betreiber GmbH is needed, if you organise the event in cooperation with another company, organisation, etc.


Franziska Beck

Franziska Beck

+49 160 91 31 18 08