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Event Space

People seated in the ZOLLHOF event space
Buffet with people in the ZOLLHOF event space

Key facts

Included equipment

1x stage (3.60m x 2.40m)
1x silver screen, projector and pointer
2x microphones
1x throwable microphone
1x Apple TV
75x chairs (more available)
10x movable workshop tables
15x stand-up table
3x tables in the catering area
6x pin boards
4x combined board: flipchart / whiteboard
1x table soccer

Optionally available

project materials
(post-its, static foil, etc.)


Standard pricing (event space)

750€ per day
450€ per half day

ZOLLHOF partner pricing (event space)

One half day is free in every month
500€ per day
300€ per half day

Drinks (optionally available)

2€/person/half day (water & coffee)
5€/person/half day (lemonades, water & coffee)
4€/person/day (water & coffee)
9€/person/day (lemonades, water & coffee)

Project materials (per event)

25€ presentation paper & post-its
30€ self-adhesive flip chart foil (25 sheets)
25€/day presentation case (5€/additional day)

All prices exclude VAT.


Franziska Beck

Franziska Beck

+49 160 91 31 18 08