Startup Batch #4

Application for Batch #4 is closed.


Join the amazing ZOLLHOF family of tech startups

We are looking for:

Highly ambitious teams with a scalable business idea.
Tech startups who are less than 5 years on the market.


15th April 2020
Final decision
1st May 2020
Introducing Batch #4 & Kickoff Event
19th May 2020

Important criterias:

1. Degree of Innovation
Innovation is key! We'd love to get inspired by your exciting new ideas and solutions.
2. Must be a team
For our batches, we only take teams. If you are highly motivated to take your idea further, we are happy to get to know you and your co-founders. You're still looking for your future team members? Join our networking events to find your A-Team.
3. Real problem to solve
Do you consider yourself a natural problem solver and solution is your second name? We can't wait to get to know your brandnew solution to well-known problems!
4. Potential & willingness to move fast
Are you ready to bring your idea to the next level and get the best out of your vision? Great! Let's do this together!


Eight reasons for working with us.

Business Reviews

Exchange with other experienced founders in the ZOLLHOF family. Overcome the daily challenges of the startup life together.

Startup & Corporate Network

We have friends in the business! Connect with our excellent corporate partners, investors and mentors. Be part of the German startup scene.

Workshops & Knowledge Transfer

Need support? We have many events and workshops held by the smartest entrepreneurs.

IT Toolkit

Get our awesome partner kits worth 120.000€ (Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean).

No-Shares Policy

We don't take shares in your company!

Office Space

Get 24/7 access to our open office space. Free coffee and printing is included. It is only 89€ a month.

Mentor Program

It's a match! We believe that you can achieve anything with the right mentor. That's why we make sure to select the perfect mentor for your company and team together with you.


Team is key! We believe that everything is possible with the right team members. Scan our brand-new JobPool for amazing talents to expand your team.

Business Reviews

Share your challenges with other startups. We have teams in various founding stages and diverse sectors. Exchange with our interdisciplinary community and learn from each other's experiences. The startup journey comes with a lot of ups and downs, but you never walk alone.

Workshops & Knowledge Transfer

Develop your professional know-how, learn relevant skills and grow your business. We offer expert workshops & events. You need help in specific areas such as marketing, design, IT, laws or other fields? We have experts and other entrepreneurs who can support you on the way.

IT Toolkit

We partnered up with the big players in the tech industry to offer you an awesome IT kit worth 120.000€ to get your business going. No matter if you need server capacities or cloud storage, we'll have your back.

Mentor Program

Is there a better way to improve your skills than learning from a pro itself? We doubt it! Choose mentors from our network to discuss your ideas and plans to accelerate your business growth.


On the look for your next team member? Thanks to our JobPool we can connect you with amazing business enthusiasts, techies, engineering pros and many more!

Startup & Corporate Network

We have friends in both the startup and business worlds. Invest into your future with ZOLLHOF at your side. Get access to our networking and know-how events to expand your own invaluable network.

No-Shares Policy

We don't take shares in your company. In contrast to other incubators we are funded by our well-known corporate and public partners who support us in our mission to make entrepreneurship happen!

Office Space

Keep working! Don't get distracted by organizing facilities and equipment. In our Office Sweet Office we provide you with:

  • 24/7 co-working space access
  • Meeting rooms
  • EventSpace
  • Office supplies
  • Tech equipment & WiFi
  • Kitchen with free coffee & fruit

You are wondering how it feels like to be a #ZOHO Startup? Check out our video!


The ZOLLHOF Batch#1 & Batch#2 startups have already achieved great things in a short time. sets out to solve a challenge many, especially small and medium businesses face every day: Handling plenty of incoming customer requests over the phone. A conversation with the AI based voice assistant is very close to an interaction with an actual human being for standard requests. Starting with table reservations for restaurants, the startup will expand to all kinds of customer requests in the future. is funded by EXIST, a startup grant initiated by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. They were also part of the official Digital Summit press tour and Demo Day at ZOLLHOF.
Smart City System GmbH aims to establish the perfect infrastructure for smart cities by tracking every possible object in cities via upgradeable sensor technology. The Internet of Things solution not only enables comprehensive city analysis but also reduces city traffic due to its navigation feature which guides drivers to free parking spaces thereby optimizing parking space utilization.
Thanks to their innovative achievements, the young and dynamic team was invited to the Pitch Night of the Digital Hub Initiative in Berlin this March. They were among a small group of startups -selected from all over Germany- who had the chance to pitch their idea in front of leading VC representatives.
MatchManao (formerly Matchworking) has developed a system that matches the project participants, who not only fit in with the project and the respective contact person, but also with regard to their working methods, values and personality.
The startup was awarded in the business plan competition of northern Bavaria. Competition was strong, only 10 startups were honored for their innovative business ideas.
IT-Labs GmbH is developing an intelligent care management platform to interlink all employees involved in the care of chronically ill patients. With more efficient and easier processes, the startup is striving to increase the quality of patients' lives.
In the framework of the program Start?Zuschuss!, an initiative from Gründerland Bayern (Entrepreneurship department within the Ministry of Economics, Energy and Technology), tech-oriented startups with a digital focus can gain financial support for their starting phase. Numerous startups from whole Bavaria applied for the support program. IT-Labs stood out with its innovative business model and was selected as one of 10 startups to be supported in 2018.
"ZOLLHOF supported us to quickly gain foot as a young startup. Thanks to the network in and around the startup incubator, we have built great connections to other startups and experts. I can highly recommend joining ZOLLHOF to every tech startup."
— Güven Karakuzu, Founder - IT-Labs, ZOLLHOF - Tech Incubator
"ZOLLHOF is a startup-magnet. It just attracts everything good for running a startup. The incubator itself has an awesome ambience, fellow entrepreneurs and the ZOLLHOF-team are friendly and helpful, large network and occasional free snacks to nimble on. Couldn’t get better, right?"
— Kavinda Senewiratne, Whammychat co-founder, ZOLLHOF - Tech Incubator
"We see many advantages of being based at ZOLLHOF. I would highlight the events where startups can build long-term valuable contacts to potencial investors, corporate partners and other startups. Networking is a crucial topic for our business model, that's why we are happy to attend the ZOLLHOF events."
— Alexandra Brückner, Co-Founder - MatchManao, ZOLLHOF - Tech Incubator


Our founding partners, corporate partners and supporters.

"ZOLLHOF is the new hub for startups in Germany. If ZOLLHOF had already existed at the time Flixbus was founded... who knows... maybe our headquarters would be in Franconia now."
— Daniel Krauss, Founder and CTO — Flixbus, Munich & Berlin
"ZOLLHOF - Tech Incubator has in a short time gone beyond idea or concept. ZOLLHOF provides an inspiring environment and support structures for tech and digital startups that have the potential to develop into legitimate companies. When I visit ZOLLHOF it reminds me of the prominent incubator / accelerator StartX at Stanford University in Silicon Valley."
— Klaus Hambuechen, Partner Emeritus — The Angels' Forum (TAF), San Francisco
"ZOLLHOF is the puzzle piece the region was missing: a real hub for digital and tech startups. I highly appreciate the support of startups! Definitely exciting for me as a business angel."
— Heinz Raufer, Founder — and Business Angel, Nuremberg


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You really don't take any shares? How do you make money then?
No, we really don't take any shares in your company. Our well-known corporate and public partners support us in our mission to make entrepreneurship happen!
Do you help me get funded?
You will get access to our investor network! Plus, you will get expert feedback from us and other entrepreneurs on investor readiness. Also, we are always on the lookout for available startup funding opportunities.
I have just an idea and no team. Can I still apply?
For our Batches, we only take teams. If you are looking for your A-team, join our networking events & find your co-founder(s)! If your technology or business model is brilliant, send us an email anyway.
My startup doesn't fit your topics of interest like VR etc., can I still apply?
If your team focuses on tech with a scalable business model, we are happy to take your application.
What are the conditions to rent office space at ZOLLHOF?
We offer 6-month contracts with monthly cancelling option for up to 2 years for only 89€ per month. Affordable, flexible, awesome!
What should I bring to the table? What expectations do you have?
We are looking for teams that are highly ambitious, work hard for their ideas and have a big vision.
When does the curriculum start?
Start Spring Batch: May 2020
Start Fall Batch: November 2020
What happens after the curriculum?
We offer you to stay at our ZOLLHOF premises for two more years in order to continue building your company. Furthermore, you'll get exclusive access to our alumni-network. We are still there for you and remotely support your team, whenever needed.

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